5 Rights, Americans, Must Protect

Have you ever wondered, and seriously considered, what has, historically, differentiated, the United States of America, from most of the rest, of the world? Over two centuries ago, our Founding Fathers, pondered, the direction, of our nation, and created a Constitution, and Bill of Rights, as a core, central, component, which we would base, how we proceed. While, our previous history, might be, imperfect, it, certainly, is a meaningful, quality, guideline, for us, to keep, in mind. Although, there have been numerous challenges, to the well – being of our nation, throughout our history, it seems, we are presently witnessing, far more challenges, to these essential rights, to protect, all our people. With that in mind, this article will attempt, to, briefly consider, review, and discuss, 5 rights, Americas, must protect.

1. Free speech: Many nations restrict their citizens ability, to express their concerns, etc, and do not protect, freedom of speech. Since the election of Donald Trump, as President of the United States, we have witnessed, his articulating, a message, of, oppositional leadership! Either, because, he truly believes so, or for his personal/ political agenda, and/ or self – interest, it appears, he only truly supports, this right, for those, who agree with, and/ or support him! The concept of free speech, must be based, on, consistently, providing this right to all, whether we agree or not! If we fail to do so, the identity, of our nation, will change, for the worse!

2. Free press: When our President, refers to the media, as the enemy of the people, it threatens, freedom of the press. In many nations, all the news, people, receive, is, what the government, wishes to communicate, but, unless, we fight for the rights, guaranteed, by our Constitution, America and Americans, are the real losers!

3. Protect all Constitutional rights: Isn’t it something, many of the so – called, strongest defenders of the 2nd Amendment, fail to seek, to protect, the other amendments, with anywhere, near, the same degree of fervor? Our nation must stand for protecting all the rights, guaranteed, by the Constitution, not, merely, those, we prefer to! Our rights, freedoms, and liberties, are what, truly, makes America, great!

4. Represent common good: We have recently observed, many actions, or attempt, to favor one group of Americans, over others. Freedom means, protecting, and focusing, on the common good, rather than any special interests, personal/ political agenda, and/ or self – interest!

5. Liberty, and justice, for all: If we begin to believe, Freedoms just another word, for nothing left to lose, we’ll lose the necessary focus, on demanding, liberty, and justice, for all!

Either Americans, begin to demand, an allegiance, to what our Constitution, protects, and contains, or we will end up, losing what makes us different, and great! We must abandon our apathy, and a far larger percentage of eligible votes, must begin, to take advantage of their guaranteed right!