5 Rights, Americans, Must Protect

Have you ever wondered, and seriously considered, what has, historically, differentiated, the United States of America, from most of the rest, of the world? Over two centuries ago, our Founding Fathers, pondered, the direction, of our nation, and created a Constitution, and Bill of Rights, as a core, central, component, which we would base, how we proceed. While, our previous history, might be, imperfect, it, certainly, is a meaningful, quality, guideline, for us, to keep, in mind. Although, there have been numerous challenges, to the well – being of our nation, throughout our history, it seems, we are presently witnessing, far more challenges, to these essential rights, to protect, all our people. With that in mind, this article will attempt, to, briefly consider, review, and discuss, 5 rights, Americas, must protect.

1. Free speech: Many nations restrict their citizens ability, to express their concerns, etc, and do not protect, freedom of speech. Since the election of Donald Trump, as President of the United States, we have witnessed, his articulating, a message, of, oppositional leadership! Either, because, he truly believes so, or for his personal/ political agenda, and/ or self – interest, it appears, he only truly supports, this right, for those, who agree with, and/ or support him! The concept of free speech, must be based, on, consistently, providing this right to all, whether we agree or not! If we fail to do so, the identity, of our nation, will change, for the worse!

2. Free press: When our President, refers to the media, as the enemy of the people, it threatens, freedom of the press. In many nations, all the news, people, receive, is, what the government, wishes to communicate, but, unless, we fight for the rights, guaranteed, by our Constitution, America and Americans, are the real losers!

3. Protect all Constitutional rights: Isn’t it something, many of the so – called, strongest defenders of the 2nd Amendment, fail to seek, to protect, the other amendments, with anywhere, near, the same degree of fervor? Our nation must stand for protecting all the rights, guaranteed, by the Constitution, not, merely, those, we prefer to! Our rights, freedoms, and liberties, are what, truly, makes America, great!

4. Represent common good: We have recently observed, many actions, or attempt, to favor one group of Americans, over others. Freedom means, protecting, and focusing, on the common good, rather than any special interests, personal/ political agenda, and/ or self – interest!

5. Liberty, and justice, for all: If we begin to believe, Freedoms just another word, for nothing left to lose, we’ll lose the necessary focus, on demanding, liberty, and justice, for all!

Either Americans, begin to demand, an allegiance, to what our Constitution, protects, and contains, or we will end up, losing what makes us different, and great! We must abandon our apathy, and a far larger percentage of eligible votes, must begin, to take advantage of their guaranteed right!

Trend Of Hiring Detective Agency

The world goes insane, there’s unfaithfulness, insecurity, fear and agony everywhere you can see. Living a tension free life is somewhat a happiness currently .The rate is increasing day by day and there’s very little a personal can do therefore individuals are interested in searching down those that will bring them out of their misery.

In the past people weren’t aware of the services which they can utilize and find rid of their issues. Most of them were afraid of publicizing their issues by pulling it out in front of the police and concerned authorities.

But as changing time is dynamical and also the world is connecting together, that has helped within the sharing information and resources within the people, currently people are more than eager in seeking help from the obtainable sources around them.

With the globalization, the trend of hiring a detective is currently also running in Republic of India, A detective comes handy in the situations which are confidential and personal. Hiring a detective wasn’t so common before, however in the last few years there has been an enormous growth in the cases seeking help from detective agencies. The agencies are providing services in numerous fields and satisfying the clients with the results required.

People currently immense showing huge faith and belief in the agencies, and are not afraid to seek their help whenever needed.

And there’s no doubt that the agencies are displaying that they’re value giving an opportunity. Detectives offer services like prepost matrimonial investigation, corporate intelligence services, personal security for an individual etc. the most reason that individuals are hiring a detective is that they offer the privacy needed by the client, as such in matrimonial confidentiality plays a major role; the investigation should be quiet and must also produce the specified need output. The detectives not only generate the results but also make sure that the privacy of the individual isn’t compromised. Likewise in corporate intelligence the work have to be proceeded while not being noticed.

Can social justice and animal rights issues work together to create change?

The Internet has added a new dimension to activism and allowed for more people to come together to create pressure for change. When it comes to social justice issues and animal rights issues, the ability to create awareness of problems and to generate momentum behind petitions for policy change has never been stronger. Not all of the online petitions work, but some do work better than others. The key is in combining the forces for two issues, which have more in common than you think.

Why certain issues go hand in hand
Social rights issues and animal rights issues are related by their underlying theme of how we perceive those with less than what we have. One of the common themes for both causes is transparency and accountability. Whether you are talking about the Ashley Madison fiasco or Cecil the Lion, there is a separation of the haves from the have-nots. The “haves” feel entitled to certain behaviors that fly in the face of conventions of ethics as long as what they are doing remains hidden from the public eye. Both big game hunting of endangered animals and advertising for extra-marital affairs has its root in entitlement that only feels right if it remains unseen. One of the goals of an online petition is to force what is hidden into the open when the public can weigh the impact of the action against the agreed-upon communal ethics that guide society.

What creates effective activism
Just pointing out an ill isn’t enough to make a change. With coordinated effort many voices can come together and create an action that demands a response. The difference between online petitions created by an individual and one created by a membership like that found on Lady Freethinker is the latter represents a block of informed voters. Getting a pile of signatures on a petition isn’t enough these days to get a petition taken seriously; there has to be reason to believe that the people behind the signatures have a vested interest in following through on the action.

Targeting the policymakers while increasing public awareness
When you combine a membership that is actively engaged with educating itself with updates and reports, as well as actively sharing reputable news stories with their social media connections, you have a much stronger petition. It transforms one signature into a block of 5 in the world of statistics. The policymakers know that whoever signs a managed petition knows that each person listed is also engaged with their community with social action. By connecting education and information with action, you can become part of a powerful voice for those who have none in today’s world.

Stay strong and choose to act
If you want to make your voice heard on the issues you care about then choosing to join a community that has a focus on the issues that emphasize speaking for those with no voice is essential. By aligning yourself with a community of people who put education and information first, followed by coordinated action, you can become effective. It’s hard to give action to your passion as responsibilities buildFeature Articles, but the Internet is now providing a way to maximize your time so you can keep advocating on the social rights issues and animal rights issues that have always been close to your heart.

How to Socialize Effectively

Social interactions surround our behaviors and define our roles in the society. It also cultivates an environment conducive to mutual learning and growth. The phenomena of interaction begin from early childhood and lasts till death. A good interaction is also crucial for good mental and physical well-being. People who are more interactive and expressive are found to be happier and healthier than those who are least expressive and prefer to live in isolation. A strong social support system is also promoted by healthy interactions, which help in meeting one’s emotional and social needs. Our immune system becomes strong when we connect and share with our fellow beings.

Recent times are flooded by stress and negativity, affecting human health. A positive interaction provides us with moral support and encouragement to keep us going strong and facing the rough tides during our journey of life.

A frequent interaction is especially important for older people in keeping many adverse effects at bay. That is an age when, apart from physical comfort, a person needs social/emotional acceptance and acknowledgement from those around.

5 types of interaction include:

  • Exchange:

It is the most frequently observed type in our daily lives. When we meet/greet each other, we exchange pleasantries and kind words. Same is the case when we bid farewell to each other. A matter of equality is involved in case of exchange.

  • Cooperation:

Working together to achieve mutually defined goals is cooperation. We combine our strengths and compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Cooperation paves the way for team work and allows team members to achieve wonders.

  • Competition:

There is no equality in competition. It is not bad in itself, but the way it is used. It enables to improve one’s performance and enhance the quality of the outcome, but at the same time it can also end up in stress and conflict.


  • Conflict:

It is the sign of opposition, disagreement, and contradiction. If not resolved soon, it can turn into bigger crisis and a threat to the relationship.

  • Coercion:

It is a negative form of interaction that involves pressurizing tactics applied to achieve something by force and compulsion, disrupting the relationship badly.

A person who gets involved in frequent positive interactions is better at managing stress, coping with anxiety and depression, having an overall positive effect on his physical and mental health. Situation can be contrary if a person ends up in frequent negative interactions. People can be seen abusing drugs and experiencing other psychological stresses as a result of a negative interaction.

Yale University School of Medicine reveals in a research that older adults get benefitted a lot by positive social interactions. They turned out to be healthier, happier and lived longer than those who were socially isolated. Since social interactions keep the brain active, problems like Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and undue anxiety can be lessened greatly. Feeling valued can prove to be a psychological cushion for us and help us in being more optimistic about life in general.

The verbal side of interactions is fulfilled by linguistics and nonverbal by body language, gestures, postures, and eye contact. In this advancing telecommunication age we can have tremendous sources to interact with each other uninterrupted. Social media, convenient telephone calls, and video calling top the list.

Apart from the regular media, other platforms like exercising in the gym, club memberships, and voluntary work also provide an opportunity to interact positively.

There are times when people feel uncomfortable in socializing. This usually happens when one meets the other for the very first time or doesn’t know the other person too well. Socializing is a learnable skill which, once mastered, will pay you wonders throughout your life. Some of the steps can help in socializing effectively, those include:

  • Be optimistic, moderate, and take it easy:

When it comes to meeting new people for the first time, negativity tries to take its toll and can demotivate us to take the right initiative. A person doesn’t feel energetic enough. Thinking about it positively and taking it easy can make it as easy as breathing. Meeting someone who is worth interacting with, gives us an opportunity to learn something new, and broadens our vision. Take it easy and be moderate. Don’t raise your expectations to unrealistic levels. If you cannot find the right people, it is perfectly okay to not approach them at all.

  • Keeping others at comfort and ease:

The comfort level involved in a conversation defines the length of that interaction. Courtesy and politeness are two factors to maintaining a healthy interaction. Never make the other person feel as if you are not/least interested in talking to him. Always be gentle and keep expressing your pleasing gesture throughout the conversation. Keeping the other person at ease can win you a good friend.

  • Don’t be insecure:

Interacting socially among people will not jeopardize your uniqueness. One doesn’t have to let go of one’s individuality in order to be a part of the interacting group. It gives us a chance to learn from each other, because everyone is unique and has own qualities. Remember, no one can teach you everything, but everyone can teach you something.

  • Follow the Abundance mentality:

Be open and welcoming in your interactions. You don’t have to stick to just one or two people while interacting. Following the scarcity mentality, people start feeling inadequate. You will always find other to interact on some other interesting topics.

  • Be flexible and energetic:

Don’t just sit in one place and spend the entire time conversing to just one person. Be active and move around to different spots in the area to socialize with others. This would make you feel more lively, confident and dynamic.

  • Know when and where to stop:

There are certain situations when the other person doesn’t feel like talking much, or have nothing in common to talk about, or too tired to have a conversation. In order to save it for later or to prevent oneself from feeling awkward, one should know when and where to stop. It is better to stop than to facing a bitterly disastrous end, shutting all the doors to that person.

A human cannot survive without interacting with other human beings. Socializing and experiencing the feeling of belonging to others has a refreshing effect on mental, emotionalFree Web Content, and physical health. It helps us in fulfilling one of our vital needs by giving us the psychological air. It is a key to soul to soul connection. This is in our nature. Condemning social interaction is synonymous to condemning ourselves. Open the doors of your soul to others to build this strong connection. Happy socializing!

Master The Situation Of Disaster!

How would you decide the items that would be required in a disaster situation? Plenty or probably uncountable; preparation is considered significant in any fight, especially dealing with natural or man-made disasters. The situation can become crazy therefore you need passion to battle against the merciless enemy. You want to pin your hope on a vendor who would respond no matter how bad the circumstances are.

Develop a unique solution framework for your relief efforts. This requires an all-encompassing approach that can lift the rescue efforts. For instance, it starts with how you plan the entire efforts. This also entails, how robustly the demand for the products and services are met. The manufacturing of high quality products is one aspect, without having the real life experience, the quality of the product cannot be established for sure.

Climate changes, the animosity between nations and other unforeseen events are probably going to make the role of relief supplies industry critically vital in the future. An excellent vendor does not need to make statements, the work speaks for itself. It is estimated that millions of people would be at the mercy of natural disaster and the relief and rescue efforts must be modernized and able to respond to the situation in an able way.

Rescue personnel fight against odds to help out the vulnerable people. The need to act rapidly in a disaster situation is intense. The already abrupt situation can get out of hand and the efforts may look insufficient. In such situations, mental block may impede your thought process, and then what are you going to do? The level of precision that is executed during relief efforts symbolizes the perfect outcome. The idea is to enhance the level of accomplishment and NRS International can serve as a helping hand. The availability of a wide variety of relief related products can boost the process of rescue. In addition, the devised products can be utilized for multiple purposes, which increase its utilization capacity. However, all can be lost within a matter of moments therefore every passing minute must have some positive impact on the rescue efforts. You must fasten your seat belt, unfasten your positive energy and give it all.

The aim should be to limit collateral damage to property and human lives. The cost effective solutions can be rendered in an effective way. There must be some sense of assimilation between the various activities that are taking place during a relief effort. NRS International can provide with all the accessories to offer flexibility to the organization involved in relief efforts. The most vital part is the ability to produce products that are compatible with the established international benchmarks. Given that condition can change drastically, it becomes important to recognize that the chain reaction of efforts makes an impact on the performance. This is just a small instance that has been notifiedArticle Submission, the complexity of the circumstances can lead to more troubles. In this respect a respected vendor that has the capability and the capacity to perform difficult tasks must be chosen. Only a well prepared vendor would understand how to adapt to the changing needs of the displaced people in critical situations. Your belief can boost the efforts of relief! You are an enabler of hope.

Why Conspiracy Theorists Have Half A Brain

Why Conspiracy Theorists Have Half A Brain

By Qesankh Maa Kheperu


Each week I hear of a new conspiracy theory gaining traction on social media. And each time it baffles me how stupid many of these people can be. Many of these conspiracy theorists have good intentions, but that does not excuse them from the charge of perpetuating lies.


These so-called truth seekers are some of the most hideous conveyers of misinformation themselves. If they would just look at the obvious they would see the answers. However, their propagation of lies and mishandling of the truth makes total sense when you see that they are victims too, like most of us, of the matrix. They are programmed to think in a certain way and have not spiritually uplifted themselves to see and think out of the box. Unfortunately, I’m afraid the problem goes much deeper than that. When you are taught that you come from a race that is superior, it’s hard to let that idea go.


Let me give you an example. Most scientists cannot explain how the Egyptians built the pyramids. They are a magnificent feat of human engineering. But wait: the conspiracy theorists have an answer. They propose that the Egyptians got help from aliens and there must have been contact and exchange between the two cultures. You’ll find this theory prevalent over the internet. Yet, the truth of the matter is such a blow to their egos they could never accept it. It is obvious that the ancient Egyptians were black Africans and to say these black people built one of the great wonders of the world is too much to bear.


In fact, one has to simply look at the hieroglyphs which depict the Egyptians as black to see evidence of this. Yet, how many conspiracy theorists have stood up and identified the white washing of the Egyptiansas a conspiracy?Or pointed out that the culprits are The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, modern universities, many noted Egyptologists and more! I have not seen conspiracy theorists cry foul in this area even though it’s so blatant. But wait; it gets better. Since the Egyptians were integrated brain thinkers, meaning they used both hemispheres of the brain,one can easily see how they were geniuses by today’s standards. Now, contrast that with most Americans who are left brain thinkers and polarized in that hemisphere; we can then see how the Egyptians were able to create such wonders. It’s alright to admit that geniuses such as Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci were able to use both sides of their brain.When it comes to ancient black civilizations like Egypt,however, they suddenly forget that using both brains is the key to producing an advanced civilization. So, they fall back to the alien intervention theory.


The buck doesn’t just stop there. Conspiracy theorists have no problem saying that the illuminati plans on mass extermination to depopulate the planet, put in place a new world order, and enslave humanity. You’ve probably heard this one many times. However, they  overlook the fact that Africans were already victims of mass extermination, where more than one-hundred million were murdered, raped, and enslaved to build the new world. So, this so-called plan of the illuminati has already been implemented; one might consider the subjugation of African peoples their test pilot program. The latest conspiracy they’ve theorized is that our history has changed, and the illuminati is responsible. The idea is that much of the world’s history has been erased and replaced. African-Americans have known this all along and stated emphatically that our education system, specifically history books, are all lies and have been white washed.


It’sdownright baffling how these “investigative researchers” overlook these facts which have been right in front of their faces. They acknowledge that history was changed, but seem not want to address the fact that white colonizers have not only invaded ancient cultures but destroyed their societies and murdered their people. Then took it upon themselves to justify their murderous acts in the name of Christianity. Look at the cultures we learned about in school–the Mayan, Chinese,and African cultures, for instance. Many of the ancient artifacts have been stolen or destroyed by white colonizers. It would seem that a plan was in place to destroy the ancient knowledge. Moreover, we are told that these indigenous people of color were pagans and primitives, yet ironically were able to build magnificent cities, temples, and other structures. Why haven’t conspiracy theorists addressed the fact that there is a mass effort to vilify people of color and destroy their cultures and ancient civilizations? The names of the guilty are not hard to find: Christopher Columbus, King Leopold II of Belgium, and most recently Zahi Hawass, former Minister of the State of Antiquities Affairs in Egypt, who was indicted on charges of theft. Hawass alone is responsible for hiding important information and covering up the true origins of the ancient Egyptians. And I’m just scratching the surface;this is just a short list of names.


Now here comes the kicker. The new theory is that modern man is barbaric, causing countless wars on the planet. I agree with this claim totally. But instead of researching the real cause they misdirect, saying the reason “we” are so barbaric is that ancient aliens altered our DNA. This is beyond absurd. When they say “we,” who are they referring to, precisely? It certainly cannot be people of color or indigenous native people. Because no person of indigenous culture has ever waged global war, enslaved masses of people based on color,and created nuclear weapons that could destroy the planet many times over. Oh, wait! Could they be referring to white men? After all, it is white men who created the system of racism and are the dominant, controlling force on the planet. Let’s get straight who has the altered DNA.


If you understand climate adaptation, then you know that humans of white ancestry that developed in a cold climate became more left-brainthinkers. The left brain thinks in terms of separation, individualism, labels, terms, facts, logic, and so on. Couple this with the fact that they have to fight for food in a hostile climate, and one can see how the aggressive tenderness came about. This left-brain dominance does not make one inherently evil, because all people are God men and God women. Rather, when such tendencies are not spiritually checked by the right-brain—which deals with morality, cooperative efforts, unification, spirituality—then you get the corrupt world you see before you–the very world the conspiracy theorist complains about. Yet, instead of looking at genetics and climate evolution they attribute their aggressive nature to aliens tampering with their DNA. One can only laugh at this. It should be noted that the basis of their theory comes out of the Sumerian tablets known as the Annunaki creation story where they interpreted the text to say that 445,000 years ago these aliens came from space to alter humankind’s DNA.


Most of this can be summed up by saying that those in control of the world today are left brain thinkers, meaning they use half a brain. Instead of using both sides of the brain as most cultures of antiquity did, we are trapped in seeing and operating in the world from a skewed perspective.  This is why our progress is retarded. This is why we fail to produce the wonders that our great ancestors of indigenous cultures did. This is why we are caught up in war after war with no hope of peace in sight. But the real question is, why haven’t the conspiracy theorists realized this obvious fact?


The answer is simple. You cannot use the same mindset that created the problem to solve it. For them to see the truth means they would have to pull out of the matrix and start to think in an entirely different wayFind Article, one that kicks them off their high horse of cultural and racial superiority to present a whole new paradigm—one which they might not be willing to embrace. The truth hurts even to a truth seeker!